Friday, April 1, 2011

Boqueria Restaurant

Catalan is a region of it's own quirky and assertive culture. Aggressive in espousing their difference and therefore superiority, Catalonians work hard to be worthy of their bragging. Sometimes as much as 35 hours a week! But they make up for that by telling everyone how little sleep they get. Parties, un-muffeled motor scooters and long lunches may actually account for that.  But I digress.

In Barcelona, design is present everywhere, like the legendary Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, the Village Olympic.  This little place in SOHO carries on the design ethic.  It is chic and sleek, refining modern well past the Italians, as only the Catalonians can.  But I digress.

We stopped for a quick bite before work at Boqueria, looking for the tiny, tasty bocadillas I remember from my time in Barcelona.  But on Sunday, the menu features a brunch, so the bocas are off the menu.  We opted for tapas instead, three small plates.

Good choice!  Delicious croquettes of salt cod and potatoes, pan roasted Brussels sprouts with chorizo, and  the famous tortilla, an omelet of potatoes.  All were tasty and fun, came to the table fast, and made a perfect light lunch for us.

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