Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mollie's in Stroudsburg PA

Just off the Appalachian Trail, near the Delaware Water
Gap is Stroudsburg, nestled in the Poconos. One of the restaurants on Main is Mollie's. It claims to serve the best breakfast in the Poconos.

We ordered a western omelet, dubbed a Famous Three Egg Far Western Omelet. Okay. I can't argue that it had eggs, probably three. They were yellow. Not fluffy, not nicely cooked in butter, not tasty. Inside, the peppers and onions were cut in pieces too large to eat without a knife to cut them up, misshapen and inconsistent pieces, chopped in a thick slicer. Too big to cook, they were a bit soft on the outside and rawish throughout. Not revolting, just thoughtless and lazy. The ham was sandwich slices, probably right out of the package, just salty and rubbery, tasteless. Served with frozen fries and toast that was half buttered and warm but not crisp.

So that's it. A lazy, lousy omelet. Best in the Poconos. Service was provided. Decor was too. That's about all I can say without getting pissy about paying $12 for a $5 experience.

My verdict? Well, if this is the best breakfast, Subway is the best sandwich. Just get an Egg McMuffin if you are passing through.

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