Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Euro travel remainders

I finally loaded the photos from the trip into my Powerbook last night.  It took quite some time, there were about 6 gigos (as they call gigabytes in French).  The seemingly simple, if time consuming task was complicated by the fact that I am out of hard drive space, and needed to clean the hard drive.  So that dictates a back up, and I did a full mirrored hard drive, so that took a full evening.  

The G9 took very good pictures, even in snapshot mode (Program setting), and of course I have to admit the manual exposures I made turned out good too.  Because this is digital photography, I can bracket, adjust and snap away, with no concern for film costs, so eventually I get a good shot.  I did a few panos and some movies.  We will see if any of the panoramas came out, I took care to apply the lessons learned so far.  I had to use panorama to work around the issue of the focal length of the G9, a 35mm lens equivalent, not a wide angle at all.  The new G10 has 28mm, a more decent landscape focal length, but then it only zooms to 140mm, not quite enough.  I should do a quant analysis of how many pictures I shoot where 35mm is not enough compared to the number shot above 140mm.  But I won't.

Now begins the process of winnowing down the photos to those that are good, then categorizing them into relevant groups.  It will be fun, but will require some focus.  Stay tuned, for this will take a couple of weeks.  

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