Thursday, October 30, 2008

Off to the Woods

Elk Camp!  That is where I am, with no more access to the internet.  A few guys will spend about a week in the woods, enjoying the weather (rain), and the quiet.  We have been cooking for days (thanks Maryvonne!), and hope to bag some venison or elk for our freezers.  

Upon return there will be pictures, and tales, maybe.  

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M. Banbury said...

Sounds great. Learned the traditional Muslim way to kill and butcher a sheep/goat this weekend It was so cool. You may have seen this, but after bleeding it, you take some strips of rubber (or whatever you have), tie off the neck below the cut, make a small incision in one of the hind legs, and blow it up like a balloon! It was so cool. You tie it off with another piece of rubber. The skin becomes taught and from there its pretty easy to start separating the carcase from the skin. The air also helps to push out the innards when you have the skin removed. We made a rub and tied it with butchers twine. We slow-roasted it for hours. It was some of the best meat I'd had in country. Wish I could be out there hunting with you guys. Dry season is coming and I think I'm going to head out with my vice principal to hunt some bush rat and rabbit.