Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hosting at the Domain

So now I had a website kinda built. It looked kinda good. Time to see about getting it online.

To do that you need a Domain Name, not to be confused with the entirely different domain file that is so important, and not easy to manage, that iWeb produces.

But speaking of that, I had begun making two websites in iWeb. I learned then that now I have one web site, that can never be separated, because Steve Jobs the demigod of Apple has decided you should never use iWeb to make more than one web site and shall alway post that website on his .Mac hosting service. So it is time to hack.

After getting my "full geek on", and holing up in my cave and working late into the night, I learned that others have done this before me. Many others. So I downloaded the handful of freeware opensource programs that make this easier. After a few dead end tests, I settle on Cyberduck and Multisite.

Now to get it up- the site up on the web. First thing is to find the right hosting company out of the several hundred out there. Price, service to newbies, servers owned by the host company, American based. The result of the multi day search effort: InMotion hosting, located in Chicago, charge $6.95 per month. They also register the domain name for free. Done, locked in.

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