Monday, December 8, 2008

Phone research

So last night I was bored, and did some research into mobile phones.  Why?  I don't know, I am not in the market for one.  Yet.  Someday I will be.  Of course, the iPhone may have something to do with it.  IT is soooo sexy!  So clever, so cool, so Apple!  So is it the hands down, no contest best choice for my next phone?  Especially if the price comes down as the rumors have it?

Well, that depends on what I want to do with the phone, and if the things the iPhone does well are the things I want to use it for, and if there are things it does not do well (seems impossible, right?).  So, now for the thinking part- what have I used my cell phone for in the last 20 years or so, and are there new (to me) functions that I am fairly certain I will use?  

Looking at the cell phones on the market makes me wonder about some of the features, or more accurately, the amount of emphasis that are placed on some of them.  Of course, I said that about cameras in phones a few years ago.  So lets take stock:

I make calls.  I use the speakerphone for meetings. I use bluetooth for hands-free convenience (victim of marketing-speak).  I take photos.  I send texts and texts with photos.  I occasionally check email.  I get directions.  I check news.  I want to make stock trades.  I want to track stock in my account.  Calendar.  

Things I do on my PDA that I could do on a phone: Quite a bit of email.  Spreadsheets.  Notes. News reading.   Blogging.

Things I have not done, and probably won't do:  Play games.  Web surf. Listen to music, much.

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