Tuesday, February 3, 2009


These peels of alder bark have been on the porch for a few weeks.

The challenge with this camera is holding it steady. It is awkward. I try to cradle it in two hands, like you should a point and shoot camera, heels of palms together, camera cupped gently in hands, elbows resting on ribs or hips. Either the camera hard button or the pearl can be used to trigger the shutter, neither though, are very good shutter releases, you have to exert too much pressure to get a final "click". This hardware drawback may be the biggest hurdle to overcome with the Blackberry camera.

The bark photo shows what the 2mp camera can do when you click on it- not really a good image when viewed at its full 1600X1200 pixel size is it? No. To compare, look at the phone picture, a 7MP point n shoot that is saved as a VGA size image. Good enuf for government work, no?

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