Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is it About Manhattan?

By any stretch of the imagination, we should not be here. How does one reconcile the ultimate cosmo-metro-urban-hi rise-city destination with our chosen lifestyle? That dear reader, is what iconoclasticism is all about! In one simple trip we define one of the yin and yang that define us.

In other words, we like it here, if you really must strip it all down to the essence. It is a nice place to visit. The tall buildings, the hustle-bustle, the museums and culture, the NY Times articles on things so cerebral as "Doormen- Fashion in the Foyer", the intellectuals in coffee shops, the honking cabbies, etc.

We dress in black, look surly and busy, ruminate about our superiority, and yet, way deep down we root for the Chargers over the Jets. Iconoclasts.

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