Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Go to Washington, Young Man!

In a paraphrase of Horace Greeley, my best advice for those seeking a career is to go to Washington, DC that is.  "Swimmin pools, movie stars".  Government is where its at for anyone seeking a career in the preeminent growth industry of our time.  Its not Democrat power, its not Republican power, I'm talking about green power!  Money- M-O-N-E-Y!

Professor Matthew Perry, of the U of Michigan, Flint, posted some neat, simple charts that illustrate the point on his blog, Carpe Diem.  Follow the link I munificently provide, and check it out.

Then start asking yourself, how you can get into the best business model ever:
- Elitist benefits package,
- Revenue streams dictated by fiat: need more revenue?  Print it or confiscate it!
- Marketing replaced by imposed demand: Need to increase demand?  Legislate!
- Competition squelched by bureaucracy
- R&D costs replaced by junkets and lobbyists
- Quality shmality!  Who's gonna expect anything of value from you?

employercost.jpgPower, prestige, and a business climate operating under the rules of Bizzaro World!

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Ted Amadeus said...

Brilliant...and absolutely true.