Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Restaurant Review- Fita's Taco Truck

Best taqueria- another quest!  Why wouldn't a truck be a good place for Exechobo to start pursuing the taco-grail?

Fita's has relocated uptown, right on 101. I hope the location is driving business. 

I asked what is the best burrito today, an after a look at the make table and a thoughtful pause was told to choose carnitas or carne asada. All burritos are the same $6 price. Then I was given a choice to have beans and rice- nice. Of course I took both.

A few minutes later the tiny window at the other end of the truck opened and an anonymous hand thrust my burrito out. I smiled. Took it and scurried back to my truck to eat.  

Big, more than 16 oz.  Rice is, well, rice with a bit of tomato flavor.  Beans.  Like canned pintos.  Pork is abundant.   Nicely shredded.  Not very seasoned, with some onion, garlic and cilantro.  

Boy, I was hoping for more.  More flavor.  A great big $4 burrito for $6.  Welcome to the Olympic Peninsula.  Where dining can be so much more, but heck, people already are paying for more, and don't seem to care they are getting less, so why bother?  

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