Monday, February 1, 2010

Kim's Cafe- Viet New Year

I love to see good local business- a rarity, rewarded. Restaurants on the Olympic Peninsula don't often make the grade.

Kim's Cafe does. Located at 126 E Washington in Sequim, the cafe opened last summer as reported in the PDN- It has been building a nice clientelle since then, managing to pay the rent and keep the lights on all winter during this recession. Not a mean feat! And Kim's is doing it the right way, with good food, neighborhood hospitality and value.

Service?  Just like going home- mom says hi, sit down, asks what you want.  Simple, straightforward and effective.  Like the decor.  Its a place the family put together on a budget, open, roomy and bright.

Now, the cook has taken 5 weeks off to go back to Viet Nam and spend the important New Year holiday with family. Let's hope we see more delicious fare on the menu in March! We were promise a special treat when they reopen!

Everything at Kim's is fresh, properly cooked, delicious and enjoyable. The Pho broth has real depth and richness, the noodles are cooked perfectly and the spices are as close to Viet Nam as you can get.

Legit Vietnamese country food with great value, well worth waiting for.

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