Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retirement Part One

The core of Exechobo is explaining my iconoclastic nature to the world (or the few who read it), and therefore, myself.

When I was in 4th grade, my best friends were chatting about what we REALLY wanted to be. I said "Writer". I wrote a lot then, and got rewarded with good grades. How nice. Later, it was suggested that your humble blogger NOT consider making a living writing. Fair enough. But...thanks to the internet, I can do as I damn well please! Ha!

What's the "So what?"? This- I can write this blog because I have the time, and the priorities of life permit this to be among them. It is a side benefit of retirement. There is an abundance of time when one retires, and in some cases, a feeling that one has something to say. And a hope that the saying will be of benefit. So why write Part One of this retirement saga 4 years after the fact? Perspective, of course.

The story of my sojourn into the latter phases of Baby Boomer life begins with work.  It is fitting that a Boomer should begin to define a life transition with the pursuit of money.  I will go into some detail about working, motivation, and mistakes.  Then money redemption.  Then planning, one of my favorite passtimes.  Then come up to date with how its goin'.

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