Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Newport Bay Restaurant Review

Thanks to Social Media, I met an old friend for dinner at Newport Bay in Tukwila.  The company for the evening was sterling!

I had toured Newport Bay restaurants in Portland during a previous career, and have the utmost respect for the ownership and management.  They are MANIC  about cleanliness, order and process.  I would never hesitate to recommend this chain, a statement that is bold indeed.

Our service was professional and friendly, just right for the restaurant.  The decor is a regional chain's interpretation of a fish house.  That is a good thing, and with this group, a very good thing.  Nothing hokey, everything quality, including the restrooms and menu.  Clean, interesting, simple and quality.  Recurring themes.

The dishes we ordered pleased everyone.  One nit- the seared scallops were a bit more seared than I would like.  Tender and tasty, but most of the flavor came from the carmelization, not the scallop.  Halibut and chips were a very nice interpretation.  Crispy light batter fried in clean oil that only added to the flavor of good quality halibut.  The fries were cut and blanched in house, and tasted wonderful.

Good food, good value, heartily recommended!

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