Sunday, February 14, 2010

Restaurant Review- Sergio's

Local taquerias are always seductive, no?  Hope, excitement, anticipation...

Any review starts with the obligatory chips and salsa. Chips here are bought out.  Don't assume the salsa is too- it is very good. The dance continues, anticipation of the main course. While waiting the tempo of the salsa music, including Lat-rap, quickens the pulse. I am flushing more with each spicy, salsa drenched chip. 

The plate arrives, I missed the obligatory warning about the "really hot plate".  It was the hottest plate ever!  I really like that.  There, swimming in a juicy pool of colorado sauce. Little swirls of lipids from the meat and oozing cheese was my big, voluptuous burrito.  Stuffed with seasoned ground beef, and nothing but.  I liked it!  Tasty, hot, unctuous. I will go back.  

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