Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mini Review- The Buzz

Local coffee shops, more than most businesses cater to a targeted customer profile.  In our area, the Buzz and its offshoot, Itty Bitty Buzz target the "Non conforming-Birkenstock wearing-Goth-Hippie-14-70 year old market.  And to us.  The theme and name come not from caffeine alone, but also from the devotion of the owner to bees and honey.  Many of the Buzz's specialty drinks feature honey, and they are unique and delicious sweet coffee drinks that make good desserts.

On Wednesday evenings the open mic night is some of the best and worst entertainment on this end of the peninsula. A devoted cadre of singers and musicians show up to entertain each other and the SRO crowd.  Occasionally- often enough to keep hopes high, one of the professional, or semi- professional, or retired professional, or gifted amateur musicians on the peninsula shows up.  When this happens the experience moves from a diversion with a few yuks to real entertainment.

The post retirement "grandma imaged" lady is one of the fastest, most consistent and artistic baristas around here.  She is adept in that way that older people are- economy of movement, purpose and focus, that make the younger tattooed and pierced pretenders look like they are just passing through, with no interest in the impact they leave.

We go here often.

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CoffeePedaler said...

Love these shops! Always a nice treat when I get out to the Peninsula. Great quality in their drinks, good beans (Cafe Vita), and friendly.
Proprietors put everything they have into the decor (makes for a nice-if-not-kitschy-but-comfortable atmosphere).