Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mini Review- Costco

Dining at Costco on samples is risky business. One can't be sure of the menu until one is inside. Servings start putatively at 11:00, but be prepared to wait as stations are set up.
Service is usually cheerful, especially by the veterans. The rookies are focused like lasers on the process, and don't have time for the kind of banter that makes for a pleasant sampling experience. A word about the uniforms though. The obsession with hairnets is laudable, but is it really necessary? No other restaurant takes such care.
The menu today featured an elaborate stand for Aidel's sausage, a real treat. With the pizza rolls, breakfast burritos, tomato basil soup, a nice light lunch could be made. Otis Spunkmeyer cookies make a nice dessrt, but stay away from the granola and vitamin drink!
We will go back.

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