Sunday, March 14, 2010

Restaurant Review- Lone Star

This 90's chain was neck and neck with Outback.  It's stock made some guys a lot of money on paper, but it all went south before most could cash in.  And when the story of a restaurant is centered on stock offerings and expansion, well, that kinda says it all.  So to "rediscover" the magic that Jamie Coulter intended is kinda nice.  There is a new look, and the forced reconsolidation has winnowed out the worst of the expansion team weaklings.

The service we had was over the top- too many times we were asked to commit that the meal was "great" or "outstanding" or some such on the follow-ups.  Of course we lied.  We were asked when the meat arrived to cut into it and make sure it was cooked the way we wanted.  Concern, or a release form?  Well, given that when we ordered the server repeated "Medium, that's pink throughout.", and it came med well to well, we were non-plussed and pissed off.  So there it is.  All the "beef experts" stuff was bull.

Now the meat is tender, thanks to aging and maybe some enzyme action.   The sweet potato sweet, the creamed spinach is spinachy, and the chile loaded with good ground meat.  Really a decent show for the money.  Right up there with Outback, a cut above Applebee's.

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