Saturday, March 13, 2010

Restaurant Review- Tootsie's

Double-drive-thru burger stands are models of efficiency. Small footprint, minimal storage, maximum throughput when operated right.

Tootsie's on Washington St in Sequim operates at a good level of efficiency, and it's a good thing, because it is very popular. The local alternative to fast food burgers.  I like to stand at the walk up window and listen to the orders being called out. It is exactly what short order cooking should be.

The exterior is a pink that at one time was likely bright and cheery. Now, it most unfortunately is a chalky Pepto pink.  

Good burgers are the only reason these kind of restaurants exist.  Tootsies is a sister to another in Port Angeles, called Froogles.  There is a hot debate (well, a few words of discussion), about which is better.  One should make up one's own mind, and maybe take a sample of whichever one happens to be closest when its time to eat.  Here is what you can choose from at Tootsies:

And here is what your burger will look like:

So, how does it taste?  OK.  My pet peeve is shredded lettuce.  It is lazy.  Toasted buns are the way to go, and this one had a good toast. But is a weak bun.  Mayo, ketchup, mustard, onion dill slices, and what passes for tomato in March. No imagination.  Lazy.  Same with the fries.  Decent frozen fries.  The bright spot?  The paper wrap.  For this money, go upmarket or downmarket.  Tootsies is too average to be much good.  

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