Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arbys? Are You Kidding?

Arbys scarred me.  It was the one job at which I didn't excel.  But this isn't about me.  We went there on a coin toss, the choices being Subway and Arbys for a cheap sandwich.  Arbys has some deli sandwiches for like 2 for $5.  So its like a $5 Footlong, only more long.

We went in, and enjoyed the sandwiches, while wishing we had gotten a Beef n Cheddar, but that wasn't the plan today.  We wanted a cheaper meal, with an added treat- the $1 Jamoca shake- now that's a good idea!  A shake that is small enough to enjoy without being gluttonous.  So the food was good- the bread was a really nice roll, though lets face it, not gourmet, the meat and accoutrements were good and balanced.

But what was remarkable about our local Arbys is the cleanliness and service.  The franchisee is a couple, who work the store every day.  They were both in this afternoon, and not just hanging out- cleaning, running fries, the whole nine.  The greeting upon entering is enthusiastic and consistently friendly, the order taking is too.  There is a bell at the door, for guests to ring if they received good service, a great idea, and every guest was ringing the bell, which triggered an enthusiastically shouted "Thank YOU!" from all the team members.  This place is doing all the things they can right, and I hope they build a franchise empire, they are operators who make chains work.  I really hope the fixed costs are in line on this end cap without a drive thru- odd site selection for QSR.  Now, fix that banner!

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Ted Amadeus said...

Actually, I've NEVER been disappointed with either Subway or Arby's!
Arby's consistently delivers quality and cleanliness (in fact, I'm going there for breakfast this AM, because they send me a sheet of coupons every week), and Subway's $5 footlong deal is probably their best promo ever.