Monday, April 12, 2010

More Evidence- World Gone Mad

I just received a box from PUD, our ironically named electric utility.  In it were 5 compact florescent bulbs. Why?  I don't know, but I am sure someone meant well.  I am always thrilled to do my bit to save the planet and all, so I relish the idea of having some bulb go out so I can throw it away and replace it.  But I will have to wait a bit, since I already use CFLs wherever I can, and want to.  Oh well, sooner or later the cost of manufacturing, packaging and shipping these bulbs will pay off.

So we are a little greener today, and can live with a lower degree of fear from Greenpeace.  Except that damn styrofoam popcorn they packed the bulbs in, the full color printed propaganda sheet, and the mercury they contain.  I wonder if they are broken in shipment if that initiates the kind of catastrophe that will bring us all together?  You know, heavy metal contamination in the mail and all that.

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