Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More About The Camp

The camp is freeform, and non developed.  The only vestiges of development are the sets of pit toilets.  What has sprung up are circles of roads in the sandy soil and fire rings built from the abundant rocks.  We sit in a bowl, surrounded by steep hills, some with scree covering them top to bottom.  The lake is adjacent to some campsites, but we arrived too late in the weekend to claim them, so we have a short walk to the lake.  We like this sort of camping, and seek it out. BLM lands are great for these sites.  I appreciate the idea that the current management policy supports the eradication of dispersed camping in high use areas,  but as much as camping is tied to freedom and mobility, it is nice to use these less controlled areas too.  It was also nice to note that the sites were quiet and kept quite clean- campers can self police.

Tomorrow- SNOW!

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