Thursday, May 13, 2010


Through the night the lightest of rains fell, making a sound that I can best describe as a pitter-patter on our little camper.  By early morning the sound abated, so I rolled over, content that weather was improving and our plans for a sunny day on the boat would be realized. 

Sometime after 6:00 I went out to see what the day would shape up to be.  When I looked up at the hills around our little valley, I saw white all around!  The rain had changed to snow, and the hills were covered in white.  I went back in, fired up the water heater and turned up the heater a notch.  Nothing was going to happen soon.  We conferred with our friends, who were disposed to leave today.  When the fishing is for 15 inch hatchery rainbows, it is hard to be motivated to endure the kind of weather one relishes for steelhead and kings!

It is strange how invigorating snow can be for those who don't live with it.  We decided to do some exploring.  Since the camper was off the truck, we had mobility.  Looking for the perfecter lake, we took off.  Climbing to higher elevations, we got into some real snow, and saw some crystal clear lakes.  Time to start planning the next trip here!  Tromping through the snow was a fun interlude in what we expected to be a hot week of fishing.

Tomorrow- what success looks like... 

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