Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPhone Acendent

It is pathetic how Apple can get some things so right and Blackberry can't emulate.  Is is RIM hubris- a need to not be perceived as following?  Or is it real limitations on the old OS?  I don't care.  Some things make using this tool such a pleasure that the shortcomings are easy to overlook.

Web browser
Unless you don't use social media like Twitter or Email, or don't use an RSS reader for news, you must realize that every other message has a link.  At least.  If you can't go to the link, or dread going to the link, you just learn to pass over the message and ignore it.  iPhone has a legendary browser, and now I eagerly go to links, to enjoy the point of the message from the sender.

App Switching
When you want to go from one app to another, it should be easy.  Like it is in any computer.  But RIM makes you use two hands to get a switcher up, then select your app, and go.  iPhone has you tap twice, select and go.  The difference in practice is one that is how it should be, and one that pisses me off every time I have to use it.

User Interface
Industry standard- not much to add.

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