Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mourning Blackberry

There are still functions where the BB beats the hell out of the iPhone.

Chat requires instant access.  That means multitasking I guess, cause it is a big production to make it work on iPhone- a $9.99 production.

On a BB, want to g-talk? Push the G key.  Want a weather update?  Push the W. And so on. With a little app like Quick Launch, you can access 678 files, apps, contacts, etc. with the push a one to three keys

Developers are still dealing with cumbersome implementations of push, and so far I don't think I have any real push notifications.  I have it all turned on, and hope the new power system can sustain the battery even so.

Notification LED
This simple feature is one I really like.  As the BB sits next to me, silently, I know if I have a message waiting.  It is the best notification of all.

In BB the ads in the free apps are there, but easy to ignore- you won't be touching them by accident.  And I never had a game with an ad that took over the whole damn phone till I tentatively touched the screen (god, I hope I didn't just buy something!).

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