Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It is Good- C'est si Bon

Real for real French cuisine on the peninsula, still goin strong after 30 years.  Two Lyonaise natives immigrate to Cali, playing violin for movie soundtracks, come to Sequim and open a restaurant as a second career.  A real American story.  With the Madame in the kitchen, and Norbert in the dining room, these two bring verve and joi de vie to a tough business.

The menu is not strict Lyonaise- BTDT, and the clientele didn't take to frog legs and rabbit, so it is a more mundane set of center plate proteins they serve.  With a delicious classic French salad tweaked for our pan-ethnic tastes with soy sauce, with perfect roasted vegetables, with classic sauces accompanying the fish and meat, they serve traditional French food, if not French dishes.

The service is a bit slow, with this being a couple of people running a big restaurant with quality food, so be sure you are prepared to converse with those with whom you are dining.

The restaurant is just what you would encounter in a small town in France.  Proprietors who live the vocation, who make the restaurant their home.  Good food prepared intelligently, a fun atmosphere appropriate to the locale.

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