Thursday, June 10, 2010

le Potage, il est bon!

Raising vegetables in France is a given.  Anyone with a plot of dirt bigger than a postage stamp works it.  The passion for good food in France begins at home, in the potager, where the best, freshest vegetables start.  We don't understand why this obsession is not part of our American consciousness, for it is rewarding, relaxing and interesting.  All the hue and cry of the Woodstock generation talks around the values of the earth, simplicity, and self sufficiency, but actually turning over some dirt and sticking a seed in the ground seems to be asking too much. 

The weather has been interesting- wet Nov, as expected. Dry Dec- surprise. Wet Jan, catchin up. Dry Feb, I'll take it! Wet March, as expected. Dry April- watering here in April!?  Wettest May in 75 years.
The garden is doing what gardens do- growing nicely. Harvest of lettuce, rhubarb, radishes, turnip greens, asparagus.

Today I took out 15 gallons of weeds from the garden annexes. Due to our wet weather, pulling was very satisfying. Out damn weeds, out I say!

The leeks are going to seed, as planned.  They are a mighty plant when they run wild.  I hope we can perpetuate these, imported from France.

Now, if we can continue to control the deer (and the dear), we will have a nice little strawberry harvest soon.

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