Friday, June 11, 2010

Race Day

Marathon! The word is loaded with meaning- the ultimate test, hard core endurance, the Athenian victory.  We have a local marathon, the North Olympic Discovery Marathon.  It uses part of the Olympic Discovery Trail, and is a top rated boutique run in the US.  Due to the great weather, cool and damp, many consider this to be the race that helps one establish personal best records.

Exechobette did the race, the half marathon portion, walking it.  Her Orthopedic surgeon told her years ago to continue running, for he really benefitted from the repeat business.  She, being overly fond of her natural knees, declined.  So, it is a walking race for her.  She trained to a 4 MPH pace, which is 140 beats per minute for her on the iPod.

Her unofficial pace was better than 4.2 MPH, a blistering pace!  Even the notorious @CoffeePedaler would find it hard to keep pace!

Many people chose to use the handy Strait of Juan de Fuca to cool hot feet after finishing.  The weather was perfect for the event, cloudy, cool with a few sprinkles.

Thirteen miles is a good place to start in distance racing.  Of course, this is not a race, as much as a personal test. But really, it is a race isn't it?

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