Monday, July 19, 2010

Coava Coffee

Passing through Portland, we were rebuffed by restaurants and coffee shops closed at all hours of the day.  But being persistent, we persevered.  On the third try we found an open establishment.  (Mainstreet Advantage hint #1: Never overlook the obvious- Be open when guests want to eat or drink.)  We were driven into the arms of the big chains to fill our needs.

Anyway, we enjoyed little forays into unexplored territory, and decided to return to get some cool on in Portland.

The last stop our schedule afforded us was at Coava Coffee at 1300 SE Grand Ave.  It co-habits a green, Oregon based bamboo manufacturing shop, which makes a great diversion while sipping hot coffee.  @CoffeePedaler struck up a conversation with the owner about beans, roasting and other esoteric coffee stuff, and fed me a few samples of the product.

WOW! It was as different as it could be from other espressos we had sampled.  What a great insight.  The place is beautiful, the owner is passionate and knowledgeable, and the product is really good.   In fact, the espresso I chose was so flavorful that it needed no sweetening to make our Latte.

Located just off I-5 at exit 300, by the bridge, I will stop again here.

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Anonymous said...

Super nice guys, beautiful woodwork, and fantastic coffee! I stopped in, curious about a new coffee shop so close by, and I was delighted by the quality of my latte. I'm so glad other people are finding them too!