Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anthony's Fish Grotto

It was here waiting for the ocean to fill so it would be a prime location on the San Diego waterfront. This historic fish house stands the test of time, well over 60 years. The kind of place the white belt and shoes crowd takes the grandkids. Lucky for them, so they can experience a good basic fish house that keeps doing the things that define the genre. Forget the trendy places that have a formula- fish is two things, freshness and cooking.

There are at least 200 tables and they get filled. Which makes the service very efficient. Yet surprisingly the staff pays attention to special requests.

Not all is wonderful though, and we have seen some things going the wrong way since we were here last. The crab cakes are now crab cake and the a companying salad is really a small garnish of greens. The prices have gotten a higher, a few dollars per entree higher. We were served house baked bread that had failed to rise properly. The blackened baramundi was quite greasy.

Many of the staff are the same people who were here when we lived here, so I would look to management as the problem. It is sad to see an iconic restaurant decline. I fear Mama Ghia is turning in her grave.

- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone

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