Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blackberry Remorse?

Six Weeks With an iPhone
Now past the point of no return, does the move from BB to Apple hold up?

I have been avidly reading about the upcoming 6.0 OS, and studied to August 3 event. The new BB has addressed the issues I had to a significant degree.

Most important was Internet access. Every item in a newsreader, whether Twitter, Viigo, Pulse or Google, contained a link. On the BB I was a headline browser. Now I read articles. The same with emails. Who doesn't send links to items they think the recipient may be enjoy or need? Same for Tweets. And so on...

Now, I open the link. I read the item. I doubletap and go back to where I was.

What else on the iPhone makes me glad to leave BB behind?
-memory management that works
• the camera is superb rendering it a light point and shoot unnecessary
• typing is actually better
• a screen that is so good I can see my photos and use it to read books comfortably
• apps that give me access to more of what I want-
- tides
- Blogpress
- photo editors
- silly tools like the compass and level that I use
- entertainment like YouTube and Pandora and games that work
• ability to install links on my homescreen to any site, like my favorite weather site
• a responsive touchscreen and OS that are actually intuitive

So what is there of the BB that I still find lacking in the iPhone?
• iPhone can't accept appointment invitations
• keyboard shortcuts to launch programs
• Bluetooth headset that works

And now we have the BB 9800. Blackberry's slider touchscreen/ hard keyboard, 5mp camera, OS6 totin' wonder. Does that make me a teensy bit remorseful?

No. I have made the leap from a communications tool with entertainment attributes that are just OK to an entertainment device with good communication functions, and I like it.

The overwhelming positives of the iPhone, camera, screen, web access are the things that matter most to me.

- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone

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