Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BBQ, Bread & Beans

It was a cook fest today. I smoked some ribs, made baked beans and buttermilk bread.

All turned out as planned, but took longer than expected. The only issue that resulted was that the ribs were too cooked to cut. Small problem.

This is a three stage process: 1) smoke core several hours 2) wrap in foil and cook on a low heat for a couple more hours 3) rub or sauce or not, then finish on a hot grill.

Any of the three finishes are satisfactory. Though my preference is for a spicy dry rub. Next time I want to use hickory rather than apple wood.

The bread is a buttermilk recipe that retains moistness for a couple of days. It is a perfect bun recipe.

The beans were a compromise recipe with no salt, sugar or spice. They would be better with some seasoning and habaneros.

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