Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Blogs of Galactic Note

A local columnist, Pat Neal, posts his work on his blog.  I have added it to my blogroll in the side column.  The post that made me take note related the travesty that is our "hatchery or wild" salmon dilemma.  Read if for a ore elegant look at this issue.

What he is too politically correct to reference is the added lunacy of the gill nets.  The Native Americans are granted by treaty the right to fish and hunt as they always have.  The game laws and conservation rules apply only on a voluntary basis.  And many make their living as commercial fishermen, for the industry is dominated by them since the Bolt decision.

When the salmon start up the rivers in Washington, gill nets, illegal to any but the tribes, are stretched nearly from bank to bank on the rivers, staggered one after the other, as many as it takes until there are no more salmon to net.  Now when the number of fish getting up the river to the hatcheries number as few as 1000, it is considered a fantastic thing.

There are no wild Washington salmon anymore, with the possible exception of the Columbia.  Only those whose fins are not clipped in the hatchery.  Buying salmon in a grocery store supports this misguided stewardship.

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