Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have used Gmail since the days when you really needed an invitation. Back before the dawn of the millennium. In the dark 90's. You get the idea.

But when I moved to Mac in 2001, I started using Mail and only went to Gmail when necessary.

Recently for some reason I started rediscovering Gmail. The features they have built in have taken it beyond email clients so that it has advantages. I really like the labels feature. You can better organize mail with them, and the nested labels under test.

Now that I have an iPhone I wish there were a Gmail app, but really the nature of Gmail I that you have to. Access it through a browser, it's one major disadvantage. I installed. Desktop bookmark to get there fast. The unified inbox of iPhone's Mail and the fact that my mail resides on the phone make it more efficacious, but Gmail is there for better searching and organization of my primary account.
- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone

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