Tuesday, August 24, 2010

iPhone Otterbox Defender

Things, including your truly, were being tossed about the cabin of the boat in swells up to nine feet every 4 seconds.  It was then that I thought I maybe should have the new iPhone in a decent protective case for these situations.  The best? Otterbox Defender.


I find it to be the kind of overkill I like.  It makes the sleek, thin Beverly Hills model iPhone into a mammoth, rugged, thick comms device.  Protection all around, sticky silicone and hard ABS plastic.  It really protects, like a hi-tech football helmet.  GRRRRR!!!  It snaps into its belt holster authoritatively, like a magazine into a 1911.  Bam!  Red Team Go! Blue Team Go!  I like belt holsters a lot of the time.  

Today I took it out of the case to clean it all up after a rainy day at the beach.  Not to worry.  The phone sighed in relief, like a warrior unbuckling armor.  It again made me smile with how thin and svelte it is.  

It must be an Amazon.  

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