Monday, August 23, 2010

#Panera Loses Appeal

When we travel we seek Panera Bread for lighter fare. I have reviews the chain favorably a couple of times. Just do a search to see. Recently though, we are less enamored with Panera. Wildly inconsistent food tops the list- in Corona one breakfast sandwich was fully twice as big as the other, though what was inside was the same, so we had a bread overload. We chalked this up as a fluke until we hit Clearwater. Check out these salads:

To amplify the issue, service was very very poor. Aggressively disinterested at the cash register. Then when the food was wrong I went back to the pass to have it fixed (I wanted chips and was given bread), and the employees stopped arguing, I was told to dismissively to "Next time tell the cashier." But then the manger interceded, making it worse. He and the employee began talking about writing someone up and so on. I was apparently an invisible witness.

This Panera is owned by a joint venture- Covelli and the company.
- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone

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