Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bar Bre Ton

BB burger. Not what I anticipated eating at this slickish Frenchish bistro. The hangar steak or the scallops seemed more French, but on reflection, a burger is a perfect bistro meal.

The menu advertises daily grinds of a special mix of cuts. And that the buns are made in house. That did it for me. The other meals were very very good. My burger was really special. I could taste the beef very clearly in the slightly too thick and slightly too dry for my taste burger. The pickle and other dressings are thoughtfully designed to accent the meat. This is an excellent example of how good a burger can be. When I finished it I was inspired with hope for even higher levels of burger development.

The fries? Meh. Just sprinkling thyme on OK fries does not elevate imperfect frying. The other dishes? They range from very good to very special.

Reviewers fault the service and I was worried we were going to have the same experience. The hostess was working hard to ignore us for several minutes as we stood in front of her. Once we discovered the secret passage to get be recognized she tried to seat us at the worst table in the house. I rejected it and sat anticipating. A service drubbing like only the French can provide. Instead we were served by a young man of indeterminate UK origin who did a fine job.

Prices at Bar Bre Ton are reasonable, so much so that we had a nice bottle of wine and desserts. Which were also a pleasant surprise. When on in midtown around 30th St., avoid the dreadfully expensive bad food at Les Halles and go over to Park and 28th to Bar Bre Ton.

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