Friday, September 24, 2010


If you watch Top Chef you know of Tom Colicchio, head judge. So what is his restaurant like? We decided to find out.

First, it is under the semi-permanent scaffolding that cover half of Manhattan. The signage is a temporary banner on said scaffolds that could be the name of the contractor using said scaffold. But I am knowledgeable and intrepid. So in we went.

The design is all natural, muted finishes of wood and leather, with some accents of masonry and some cool lights that look like those made by Thomas Edison. Nice. Except the wine "cellar" is a set of cool old art deco glass doors and chain cradles, that are empty. Almost completely. Disturbing.

Service is impeccable. The kind of service you get at this level that you usually don't get, if you get my meaning. Not a single mistake. Nice work!

We came for the food. Halibut, gnocci, Romano beans, chard striped bass and chocolate tartine. Here is the score on a 1-5 scale. 5s: halibut, gnocchi, dessert; 3s: beans; 2s: chard, striped bass. Chard needed seasoning, striped bass was over grilled and dry.

The 5s made this a meal worth the rather steep price, so good were they. The service actually added some value, a rare occurrence. Chapeau to Craft équipe!

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