Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pain Quotidien

Pain means bread. Quotidien means daily quota. Kinda. This little NYC chain makes some pretty fair bread. Very "French" in contrived decor, we expect more from them than the can achieve. The frenetic classical music goes a bit too far trying to replicate an experience that doesn't exist in my France.

For example, This pain au chocolat should be illegal. Really. The baking industry in France is highly regulated and subsidized. It has been since the Revolution. Remember that quote: "Let them eat cake"? That's where it all began. A pain au chocalat in France is required to have two sticks of chocolate this one has one, in violation of a sacred trust. It is a rip off. Oblivious New Yorkers victimized daily. Alain Chaumont should be ashamed, he knows better.

Yet we go back. The bread is some of the best and the baker's basket with a pot of coffee and a cafe au lait is a great breakfast for two. Stick to the bread and this place is a good bet.

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