Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Honey Hole

Recommended by @CoffeePedaler, who has proven to be a discerning gourmand, we needed a light lunch while in the neighborhood.

During the long wait for our carryout order, I moved the car to keep from getting a ticket. On the way I reflected on how the Honey Hole might fare in NYC. At their rate of speed most fine dining places there would have the starter course down. And the line would be unmanageable, resulting in imminent closure as they struggled to pay the rent.

However, once we started to enjoy our sandwich, we actually had to say "Damn, that's a good sandwich!". Fresh, quality ingredients, good flavors, right balance of moistness, a'la minute prep, very good sandwich roll added up to be worth the wait and the money.

So even though Honey Hole fails the NYC test, it's good enough to excel in Seattle.

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