Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Found! Great Pizza

My life has been inextricably linked with pizza. From age 16 to retirement pizza has figured big. So when I tell you I have found great pizza, you should listen up!

I will restrain myself from ranting about the comoditization of pizza. Also, I like pizza in many forms. New York, Chicago, California, French, thin, gourmet, traditional, there is a place for all. Pizza is simply  a flatbread base with ingredients on top baked in an oven. And by the way, a conveyorized cooking chamber is NOT an oven. Anything cooked in a conveyor is a compromise of time and temperature. Plain, pure and simple.

A couple of enterprising guys have eschewed the trappings of a fakey Shakey's pizza parlor and brought us the essence of pizza.  Good ingredients and a good oven.  They are Viaggio Pizza.

I made my second and third visit to the cart recently, and found it as good as the first time. Fresh seasonal ingredients, like chantrelles the owners had harvested, and produce from our green market. Super thin dough, like the Neapolitans use, an oven over 700 degrees, and you can't go wrong.

We now have two favorite places to eat in Sequim, Viaggio and Kim's.

- Exechobo

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