Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maxpedition Sitka Review

Maxpedition makes durable, military inspired, unique packs. They incorporate experience and thought into each design, and are willing to do things different. Like the Sitka Gearslinger. The Gearslinger line of packs is designed to be worn over one shoulder, like the venerable Musette bag. This style has a couple of distinct advantages over a backpack. First, it let's you slide the bag around to the front so you can get into it without taking it off, while on the move even. It also makes it more comfortable and secure to shoulder a rifle on your right side without another strap in the way.

I find the first feature a big benefit when mushroom hunting. I can get to my knife, or a field guide, or any part of my kit without taking my pack off. Very handy! As well, Maxpedition likes to ensure that you can organize gear to the max. This is done with copious, well laid out compartments and dividers on the inside, and mollie attachments, loops and pockets on the outside. On the single shoulder strap I installed Maxpedition's radio holders for my radio, compass and GPS. With a bladder, concealed carry provisions and external "Y" strap I can carry all I will need for a day of hunting and emergency provisions. In this picture I have Neos hip boots attached.

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