Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blending- A Lifestyle

While grazing our way through Costco, lunching on samples, we were obliged to wait at the demonstration of a blender to get the goodies. Earlier we had been mocking the price, wondering how it could be better than a $20 model. We were soon to learn.

I was fascinated by the fact that this brand of blender is the one used on Will It so I stayed around hoping the demostrator would have a Sham-Wow "Are you gettin that camera guy?" moment. No luck on that score.

But we had soup and ice cream out of the damn thing, and that was impressive. Back we went the next day to learn more. What we learned was enough to sell us. We even cut a deal that if we got 3 more sales we would get an extra blender vessel free! I was hooked when I read the book introduction page, titled Lifestyles Recipe Book. I am always seeking to participate in Lifestyles, so away we go.

We have been enjoying some quick soups, and the Blend Tec has won a place on our counter- recognition of its contribution to the cuisine.

The sales referrals didn't work out.

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