Sunday, December 12, 2010

Morello Bistro

Greenwich CT is a world apart from NYC. It is more Beverly Hills, a refuge for the rich uber-class of the city. On arrival we took a walk in the brisk night to get our bearings, and chose Morello as the most appealing choice on the high street, though we anticipate enjoying several other Places here during our stay.

The first impression was the hostess whose inquiry "Do you have reservations?" was not a mere formality. When we confessed we didn't she made an effort to accommodate us by moving a two top from the bar much closer to the door for us to enjoy the frigid wind. Did I mention her laboring to maintain a French Accent? In an Italian restaurant? No wonder she was ill tempered!

Bread arrived, warm, with olive oil that had a bit of rosemary and chili flakes. The bread was excellent. Good start. Looking around, the decor was beautifully designed. Behind glass was a well equipped wait station, complete with a major espresso grupo and hand prosciutto slicer. Getting interesting! Small point, when the door to the kitchen opens a bright flash of fluorescent light was distracting. How is that allowed?

Food arrived, and I would describe it except that our table was too dark to see colors. I. Oils distinguish light areas from dark, but seriously, what was probably parsley was rendered black on the plate. I was tempted to ask the people next to is if we could use their light, which seemed the right level. Again, how can a restaurant ignore lighting as an important component of atmosphere!?

We had halibut and butternut squash ravioli. The fish was in a delicate and tasty sauce with escarole and whitebeans. All the flavors were very good. The presentation seemed attractive except for the fact we could only make out shapes on the plate. The fish? A thin piece of filet, probably from the tail end, overfilled. One should not need a knife to cut halibut. Too bad, this was close to exquisite. The ravioli was absolutely delicious. Tender, tasty and well constructed with raisins, sweet onions and pinenuts. Delectable.

By this time service was hitting it's stride too, and we were completely content. So we were receptive when presented the desert menu. The selection at Morello is well balanced with light and more substantial deserts, so it was a pleasure to choose. We had a chocolate and hazelnut fondant that was very nicely presented and delicious- flavorful, not too sweet.

Overall this meal was worth putting up with the hostess, I am glad we didn't leave.


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