Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meli Melo Creperie- French Food, or Faux?

Galettes! Of course we had to try any crepe shop serving buckwheat crepes.

The place is tiny and busy, so the decor is quite worn. This can be good if you aren't starting from a cheap fit-out originally. If it was cheesy to start, it ages poorly.

The menu is full of crepes and soups, with sandwiches thrown in too. We had a couple of galettes, buckwheat crepes. The crepes themselves were quite good, though the wheat de ble, buckwheat flour, was cut with white flout making them more tender and sweet than we are used to. The black pepper In the batter was a nice touch.

The traditional ham and cheese was good, given the limitation that the ingredients are sourced from the US and are not as tasty. We also had a veggie crepe, always a mistake, and it was again this time. Our butternut squash soup had stewed apples in it that really ruined a good soup, and the potato leek soup? We really couldn't tell if it was asparagus or leeks that colored it. It had grains of sand and stems (thyme)? It was just pretty bad.

The most amazing thing was that The bill for lunch was $39!!! Holy shit! An undersized crepe piled high with raw bean sprouts and a smattering of other vegetables was $14! This is effin' spit out your food crazy ! I can't recall a rip off this profound anywhere else.  And how in hell does it relate to the noble Galette of Bretagne?

For the love of God, avoid Meli Mello like the plague.  Save yourself!

- Exechobo

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