Friday, December 10, 2010

Rockin Joe's Coffee

Rockstar parking at Rockin Joe's
rock-n-roll coffee shop. In downtown Westfield, NJ, this two location chain spans the second and third wave cafe worlds. It also has a respectable menu for luck and dinner.

The coffee is fresh ground and brewed, From Delano's roastery. Not bad, it's fresh. There are lots of cute espresso drinks named for rock stars emphasizing their caffeinated properties.

The menu is a good one, and they know how to cook eggs. The specialty is Belgian waffles, a passion of the owner. They looked good, if that is what you want.

- Exechobo


Scott K said...

One of our all time favorite places...check out who the Foursquare mayor is!

Paul Banbury said...

Sang Scott! Good taste. I hope we go back for some breakfast. Also, I have to introduce you to really good coffee though- World Bean at the Delta terminal, La Guardia is kick- ass

Scott K said...

Aesome, can't wait to try World Bean...oh wait, that means I have to fly out of La Guardia...NO THANKS!

Next time you go to Rockn' Joe's you have to try the Cuban sandwich and the Caramel Ecstasy. Did you take a shot at their trivia question when you were there?

Paul Banbury said...

Scott K, you can also get terrific coffee and 'sspro in Kennedy, at the Delta gate- Bar Brace and Croque Madame. My son is the coffee director there- until Jan or Feb when he moves back to Laguardia.