Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marriott Towne Place Suites- shocking pictures!

Marriott, like Hilton, is a family name that is defined by hotels. So why would you let your name be on a hotel with finishes like shown in these photos? If I had wanted to stay in a motel along a long disused truck route, I would expect to pay less. One of the key attributes a hotel must have for our patronage is a fitness center. At this Marriott we were given access to not one, but two centers, the Towne Place and the Courtyard! 6 machines to use, including TVs. How many worked? TWO! Yes, 2 effin machines! : ( grrr! But the real story is the condition of the property. Drop the pretentious "e" from Towne, and invest in fit and finish, this is ridiculous!

On a positive note, the staff was uncommonly helpful, responsive, friendly and accommodating. They almost made up for the lack of investment in the property.

Judge for yourself- does the Marriott name make up for these conditions in my room?

Several walls separating from the ceiling.

Two of four doors coming apart.

This is the heater air intake. Note the 2x4 and air filter behind the grate.

Tape around the ceiling was separating too.

And the cheap plastic trim was poorly cut and installed. This is a typical gap.

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