Monday, January 17, 2011

Some of Travel's Appeal

Travel is a state in which I am comfortable.  It is not superior, nor is it preferable to being home, but it is a situation in which I exist, for a significant amount of my life.  When on the road, routines establish themselves that are different from the routines of the home.  

In the morning, I look over the news, and today I realized I no longer read news on the laptop.  It is all done on my iPhone through Twitter Groups and Pulse Reader.  I wonder if the iPad will change that?  

Making or getting coffee is still the first thing I do once I am dressed.  The refinement of coffee degustation is demanding a change in this routine though.  A better way to ensure I get the best coffee I can is in the offing.  

Travel routines are never static.  They always change with the new environment and new knowledge I absorb on the road.  

All in all, travel satisfies me.  

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