Monday, January 17, 2011

Pompeii Restaurant Review

Pompeii is a small local chain of counter service Italian places that is doing it right.

Eschewing all of the trappings of "traditional" Italian restaurants by blending informality and practicality with good traditional cooking and value, Pompeii has it goin on.

The decor is just the right level of ambience and simplicity, and the line in which you stand to place an order let's you see almost everything on the menu well presented in the food cases.

From baked goods and deserts to salads and pasta, they keep the displays fresh and appetizing.

The food comes out of the kitchen very quickly, as it should, since this is a menu designed for speed. Out mostaciolo with chicken, sausage and white beans was very, very good. As was the roasted vegetable salad. When in the Chicago 'burbs, forget about Portello's, eat at Pompeii.

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