Wednesday, January 26, 2011

totopo Restaurant Review

Recently while in the Lombard area, we looked for a taqueria.  Not likely.  But "totopo" seemed interesting, so in I went for a bit of carryout.  I was excited as I went it, the place is a little quick casual place, with really nice decor. Cool Mexico colors.  Not overdone.  Nice finishes.

In front of the counter they had set up a salsa tasting station, so there was no mystery about the heat and freshness of the salsa and chips.  Very nice stuff.  And the menu! Quite nice, not the normal big burrito place.  More stoked I could not be.  I ordered an al Pastor burrito and a vegetarian tamale- cheese and poblano chilis inside.

So I took it back to the hotel, ready to chow down.  The unwrapping went well, it looked good!  I had a winner, a place to "discover".

Then it all went horribly, horribly wrong.  The food was bland.  Thats right, bland as could be.  And the pork- what wasn't gristle was tough.  And how do  you get a poblano to have no flavor?  Disappointed, and embarrassed, that was how I felt.  Don't go here.

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