Monday, January 24, 2011

Weber Grill Restaurant Review

The Weber kettle grill makes my mouth start to water. Under the hand of a master, such as one of our friends, this little bit of kit can produce as good a barbecue as any contraption. So when I saw the giant Weber at the Weber Grill, in the Weber hometown, I was in.

Cooking here is done in giant stainless versions of the grill.  Unfortunately, these don't make poor recipes any better.

I had to order the BBQ platter, with pulled pork and brisket. The brisket did have a smoke ring, but any flavor was overwhelmed by, you guessed it, sweet red barbecue sauce.  And this is not the lean brisket you expect out of a good roadside joint in Texas, no, it was about one quarter fat.  Not fat that had rendered down into a delicious concentrate, no, just gooey jiggly white fat.  Not near enough time on the fire.

The pulled pork was full of silverskin and membrane, fat and blood vessels.  But it did have a generous amount of....sweet red barbecue sauce.  We passed on dessert, our curiosity about how to serve sweet red barbecue sauce on dessert did not overcome our revulsion at what we had just paid for.

The idea of food at the Weber Grill in Oak Brook is to use enough sweet red barbecue sauce on everything to make patrons think it is Barbeque.  In this, Weber Grill fails.  And to serve food in a restaurant designed to look like a steak house.  Unfortunately, this only amplifies the travesty.

In all, this is a place to avoid.  Take a picture of the grill, but don't go in to eat.  You have been warned.

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